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Prof. Mirza Baiq: The meeting was very well organized and was exceptional in many ways. The presentations were very informative and thought-provoking. It was something that every level of delegates learned something new and had advantage of attending.

Dr. Razia Sultana: Such very well organized events should be conducted more than once a year. The open discussion was great.

Dr. Abdulrazaq Aljazairi: The  meeting is outstanding and should be considered as initiative to improve research regionally. Thanks a lot Dr. Nagwa for the great effort and excellent gathering.

Dr. Ola Al Ahdab: The meeting is outstanding. The speakers are excellent and the program has great varieties in topics.    

Dr. Eman Alobary: It was great to mix between experts opinion and real world research. Timing was excellent and being in Dubai giving it a plus.

Dr. Maha Aljuhanei: Presentations were great, I got the answers for all my questions and concerns. The open discussion was great.

Dr. Rasha Eldeeb: Panel discussion was really interesting, open, clear, fair in the discussion. I really enjoyed it.

Dr. Ashraf Al Alwan: Involvement of students and residents with oral presentations were great.

Dr. Ghada Bawazeer: The meeting was very well organized. Wish more participants will be engaged next time to get the benefit. 

Dr. Ahmed Aleid: The event was overall perfect. 

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